Butters The Bean

Eat. Play. Roar.

Who wants to sail away with me? I’m going to an undiscovered island that is rumored to be full of cannibals. It’s also filled to the brim with blood thirsty mosquitos. Who’s with me? sailingbutters2

5 thoughts on “Sail

  1. Going to an island with cannibals, is dangerous. However, I will protect you, Butters❗The mosquitos LOVE ME, so I will bring plenty of repellent. Together, we shall prevail❗I love you❗💗🐯❤🐯💞🐯💖🐯


  2. Danise Thomas says:

    I would love to join you Cap’n Butters and be your first mate! ❤


  3. Robin Dittrich says:

    Cannibals? Mosquitos?
    Not this time. How about a Bahamas Timeshare with a banana forest? I’d love to be your 1st Mate on a cruise though.


  4. Rosemary jarmon says:

    Cannibals and mosquitos ? And a banana forest might have big spiders ! If you will protect me I will come! 🕷🛶⛵️👹


  5. Simon F 74 says:

    Anytime skipper! 💖


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