Butters The Bean

Eat. Play. Roar.

    Hello, I am Butters, your news reporter this afternoon. Today I will report on weird news from the around the country. Buckle up and grab a banana, this is going to get weird.

cb608a47-7872-409f-a33b-ebf48d3e016d    In January of 2019, a woman tried to steal a kangaroo from a Philadelphia petting zoo claiming that she was the kangaroo’s owner. She was caught trying to stuff the kangaroo into her car.

A crow named Edgar hung around a convenience store stealing items from people. Edgar has been accused of stealing people’s cigarettes. He has even been known to pluck money out of people’s hands.

In November, a camel, a donkey and a cow were seen roaming together in Kansas. They wandered 23 kilometers before being caught. They turned out to be escapees from a wildlife park who were set to partake in a local nativity scene.

That is my little article of weird. I hope you enjoyed it, and a banana.


4 thoughts on “Weird News

  1. Lori l Bryant says:

    That’s a cute banana on your head. Butters, your a handsome little guy.


  2. Lori l Bryant says:

    Your cute, bug eyes and all.


  3. Thanks for the news Butters!


  4. Danise Thomas says:

    I love weird news! 🍌🍌🍌❤❤❤👍👍👍


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