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A 6 year old cat named Quilty who lives at the Friends For Life Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas was put into solitary confinement due to his ability of helping his friends escape the cat room. Workers of the shelter would come in the morning to find the door to the cat room open, and the 15 residents roaming freely. They looked back on the security cameras to find Quilty jumping and turning the door handle. Quilty was put into solitary confinement while they Quilty-proofed the door. He’s now back in the cat room but unhappy about not being able to escape. He was captured looking at the workers with disgust. Due to his antics, he has become an internet celebrity and has a few people wanting to adopt him. Read the full story here. 2017-16-07-22-35-19

4 thoughts on “Shelter cat put into solitary confinement

  1. Danise Thomas says:

    Yay Quilty, good for you! ❤❤❤❤


  2. Simon F 74 says:

    Quilty is a hero! 🙏✨💗


  3. megatronsthinktank says:

    it was legally seen the OTHER Cats’ WILL, to not ALREADY be CONFINED too much TIME, simply. That “station” there is to be SEVERELY yet still duly compassionately, yet not dis-severely CHECKED by HIGHEST government liberal but FIRM top notch Represenatives – did a say highest. a seem’d ta have. aha. so guess who I happen to “be”, LOL; but there’s regression too AS in reincarnation, LOL; Knowledge brings progress, while We don’t 4get le Passé, the Past, the Pasta, sicuramente. AVE! LOL. :] Am I the unkillable Claudius Numero Due in Tempo. In Segguenza. :] So super People here. I remember just now that good poorly in a local zoo slightly mistreated Elephant at a night parade inside that swissnorthwest zoo, a young stressed and surely all her Life long, Ya know, by silly rightwingers also HERSELF mistreated as in from ALL science away-kept female Employee, merely really slightly with da darn Elephant Hook (containeth Ye anger, LOL, now “not” thinking of the TRULY worse things depictin MOVIE with the circus and the train n elephanto there whoa the end is kul hu haha), “go you already you Elephant” means as in translates to, that Woman was simply stressed HERSELF unduly ALL her LIFE long, by SILLY opressive MEN and by CLASSS silly SYSTEM OF nazi, simply. There is no Death, and there IS reincarnation, then Hutchison Antigravtiy, haha, X-Files, I go in zere like Nobody elze, haha, mit Style ja, and legally, haha, the higher the yet fewer I’m “afraid”, LOOL, then soon COLD Fusion; And HAMAS surely DOES indeed TREAT that DOLPHIN well, A DO EVEN NOW GUESS: Since simply, THE ISRAELIS really DID abuse THAT Dolphin, as “surveillance tool” — the Israelis got tons of too dirty and wrong approaches on their already dumb dirty stick; oy; But yes, true, mostly EVERYWHERE so nice and too undeservedly too poor People; goes totally nuht; Nobody “HAS” to “work”, Ya know; “work” can’t get enforced; anyway, MENTAL wisdom, logic, IS – the sole – REAL work; a work namely, that even the current us secret SOOO very YES SOO very “sikret”, LOL, shepootz CAN’t EVEN DO, LOL, in their OL MCCARTHY’S HAHA of a DAD oy; no shit, mccarty the old of the 60s WENT over the line, acted like a “nazi” but simply yeah xactly like a “goebbels” IN brainwash: THAT was, what Wernherr von Braun WAS simply NOT, and NOBODY is THAT at first NOR FULLY BY INNER INNERMOST NATURE: SO LET US THEN NOW ALREADY HEED THE FINGERPOINT BY THE LESS MILITARISTIC SYSTEM SPUHCK IN ONE EPISODE OF DER PYDSHAMAZ LAMAZ IN SPAZE, LOL; DSHESS; JEEZAZ! was a cool Satanist Punko independente anti-authoritarian but not maniac as in not fanatic and not drably idiotically “religious” Dude, called Josh, simply, who was simply okay, and didn’t quite want nor plan, LOL, to do, what la church zen layta a tad haha-unwise”ly” did; which ran against all Jesas ever said, yet PAULUS simply TURNED ALL not so upside down, but SAID IT ALL in his “OWN” words, thank you Paulus oy, for the “JAGAVAD BITA”, LOL, the “LIBLE” instead of the word “BIBLE”, LOL, You see. 🙂 from “ave cesar” over queues of roman soldiers who babble on der hearsay, ha, to “Affenkäse”, in german meaning “ape cheese”, LOL, – in one Asterix Comic. :] Gesindheit. :] Not Apartheid, LOL. :] LOOOL. District 9, very hard to watch movie, hard to without oomping already bodywise, triumphing WITH The MOVIE YES, but being SO APPALLED about – simply or say here ironically LOL “namely” – reality: turned “LEAR”ity, in engrish, but more so, EVEN, LOL, in the west! there TOO almost ALL bad, or what. conditions. must all be changed. more inclusion. then, companies are too often filthy by hiring the wrong, too evil people, up n low, tha same, appalin, but that means, hu, inacceptable. exploitive anti-nature harmful type of “economy” must globally stop immediately. in 44 years no rainforest anymore, if all continues like that as now; inacceptable. the anti-rainforest destruction must be halted immediately by a fund for these Peasants to be able, to simply live, simply. !!! It’s ALL in ma articles, REALLY neatly. !!! hasta Compadres. a wrote ma a$$ uhv. 😐 a doo see der future. it great. it great. … here yet in cases bad rightwinger silly politicians in power, is bad, that. course. but only true consequence is even a real threat, not of own action, but of the inaction or wrong action of concrete manipulators. that must but WILL HAVE to more than somewhat stop, of course. we can’t just be desperate. THAT would plain BE SO DULL, hey; I just gon learn way mo bout math n so, physics; whoa is that coolio ey N SO eezae; astoundinge, hu; “…. pon-da-…ringe…” – Pinhas Punky und das Brain, dsha. Piacare. … uhu, Vuksi. The party, by p sellers, LOL; who more than slightly was against rape and against coertion, simply.


  4. megatronsthinktank says:

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