Butters The Bean

Eat. Play. Roar.

Butters has predicted the Patriots to win the Superbowl! Now, do we really care who wins? No, because we probably won’t be watching. Are you watching? Who are you rooting for? Butters’ prediction video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LH3LltXXGJ4


4 thoughts on “Superbowl Prediction

  1. Judy King says:

    I’m not really into football so I won’t be watching either.

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  2. chris grannes says:

    Chance Dando(my kitty) agrees… but we arent as interested this year, and will probably watch the Puppy Bowl, and hope the kitties have a halftime show! Butters the bookie, lol 🙂

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  3. Karen says:

    The puppy bowl is very cute and I love me some dogs, but why not a kitten bowl as well? 😻Butters can be the spokesman for all of our cats and the players ❤️🐈👍🏼

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  4. Danise Thomas says:

    Love puppy and kitty bowls! ❤❤❤

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