Butters The Bean

Eat. Play. Roar.

4 thoughts on “Butters pics of the day

  1. Robin Dittrich says:

    Butters to Director Mary: I’m ready for my closeup Mistress Camille.


  2. Robin Dittrich says:

    Well darn I wish we could edit our comments. It was supposed to read; Butters to Director Mary; I’m ready for my closeup Mistress DeMille. Of.course, I guess Butters could play a dying Camille if he developed a cough to go with that deep voice of his.


  3. Chris grannes says:

    Love the comment referencing Cecil B DeMille, and the classic old movie!
    Butters you have such a cute little mouth, and Mommy, you take such cute photos!!!


  4. Danise Thomas says:

    These pics are beautiful 😍😍😍


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