Butters The Bean

Eat. Play. Roar.

Oh crab apples, I got caught doing the nip again! It’s okay though, human paid my bail, and I’m going to go roll in some nip now.2017-16-07-22-35-19.jpeg

4 thoughts on “Oh Crab Apples

  1. Danise Thomas says:

    Oh crabapples! We may need to stage an intervention…


  2. Robin Dittrich says:

    Oh no! Butters in the pokie for getting caught with nip? Oh crab apples. this is so unfair. Don’t authorities know nip is legal now? FREE BUTTERS!


  3. Kim Pettigrass says:

    Butters u r a little nipster!


  4. Karen says:

    Oh crab apples! Butters be careful!! But how adorable are you!! ❤️😘❤️😘😻


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